Unemployment Down To 6.6%

The weather across the US has been very cold for the last several weeks, and this has slowed the economy a little bit as people have stayed inside.  Car sales is one area that has been impacted.  That has caused a little slowing through those supply chains.  Most economists still believe 2014 is going to be a great year for US Manufacturing.  
Overall, the unemployment rate has improved substantially since it peaked during the recession.  Even with the lower than expected job creation in January, unemployment is now at 6.6%.  This is the lowest it has been in 5 years.  All of this is making it more complicated to attract technical and management level talent.  Most companies are experiencing some level of growth, so opportunity is now moved ahead of stability as the major reason for people to explore a new position.  Companies that approach the interview process like they are doing the candidates a favor by interviewing them are missing out on their opportunity to attract the higher level talent that is looking to sold on how they will benefit short-term and long-term by joining their team.

Bruce Peacock
Vice President of Business Development              
The Richmond Group USA