Unemployment at a 4 year low!

July was a good month for the US economy and this lead to historic highs this week for the US stock market.  At 7.4%, overall US employment continues to make up ground lost during the recession.  The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) also reported unusually strong results across the board in their monthly manufacturing index. Their data showed that Manufacturing rebounded from a mildly positive June to have better than expected results in July.  “The production index jumped 11.6 points to a nine-year high of 65.0%. The new-orders component rose 6.4 points to 58.3%, and the employment index leaped 5.7 points to 54.4%.”  All of this is good for US manufacturing, but is complicating the employment options for those companies who are still cautious or resistant to do the things they need to retainer their current workforce or attract new talent to their team.