The War for Talent

In this candidate driven market, if you wait…you will be too late. Too late to secure the top talent, who may already be interviewing with you, and who are about to accept other offers. The ability to quickly identify, attract and secure the “right” candidate will become increasingly more difficult for companies, who want a specific skill set. (i.e. a laundry list of “must haves”) Hiring authorities are risking the successful completion of adding these new hires through multiple & extended delays plus complicated processes. Our market has changed significantly and it is becoming imperative to move swiftly and hire the right talent necessary to lead your company to future success.

“A survey by ASA corporate partner Monster finds that nearly half (42%) of employed job seekers are dissatisfied with their current job, and 81% of those say they expect to actively search for a new job in the next year.”

So, we know top talent is hard to find and we know these candidates have options.  Multiple options.  So ultimately, it is about identifying the candidate who can successfully get the job done.

  1. So, what are we looking to accomplish with this addition to our team?
  2. Will this individual be able to achieve the goals we are looking to accomplish?
  3. And, will this person work well with my team?

We all know that we can teach the technical skills sets, but personality, work ethic and chemistry? Not so much. People hire people that they like AND can successfully get the job done. Emotions and excitement are in the moment; so when interviews have long delays, complicated processes and an overall inability to execute offers in a timely fashion, then the result will be many more interviews without successful hires… If you wait, you will be too late!