The Next Generation of Senior Living Executive Directors and Leaders: Who are they?

The number one challenge expressed at the most recent ARGENTUM Conference was people.  In particular community managers and operational leadership.

Think about it.  There are just not enough high impact leaders to go around.  As a result, communities underperform and returns on investments lag.  Now in a more competitive market, with demand not projected to crank-up for between 3 to 5 years, simply “having” a community no longer is a path to success.

The solution is obvious.  We have to better understand what causes a high impact leader to be one.  The alternative is to wait and hope for an experienced, high performing manager to come our way.  And will you even recognize one?  Few management hires produce the positive impact you need. The other option is to keep the underperforming managers in place.  There are lots of those to go around.

So what causes a person to be highly successful in an operational role from Executive Director to COO?

We really would enjoy your input.  We have our answers and would like to hear yours.  Once we have them we can then help identify the success characteristics we should all be on the look-out for, regardless of background and experience.  And alleviate the shortage of high impact talent.