The Candidate Driven Market

We are in a candidate driven market and executing smooth hiring processes is critical for companies to secure top talent. In the accounting and finance field, we are seeing the start of retirements for senior level executives. Many of these professionals have been in their roles for quite some and the impact of their departure on an organization will be significant.

Right now, companies are looking to build their bench strength with the next generation of financial leadership. Sounds easy, but in fact many organizations are struggling to identify and hire top talent.  We are seeing more offers that fall apart at the end because candidates have options. We are in a new era, where candidates rarely stay in one role for ten, twenty or thirty years like their predecessors.

So, there is a significant challenge for organizations to fill “some pretty big shoes” with professionals who will most likely have a shorter tenure. For companies to be successful in this competitive environment, the quality of the hiring practice must be a time sensitive and concise process.