Tech sector sees job growth via 3D printing

The new technology of 3D printing hasn’t just revolutionized much of the tech field, it has added plenty of jobs in the process in the Southeast, according to two new reports of job expansions.

In Rock Hill, North Carolina, the 3D printer company 3D Systems announced an expansion of $10 million that will create as many as 145 jobs through 2018, according to the Charlotte Observer. 3D Systems creates computer-controlled 3D printers which work to create products through the addition of soft or hard plastics. The company has also offered content-to-print solutions that have helped many industries from aerospace to transportation, according to the news source.

In Florida, too, 3D printing is adding new jobs to the industry. According to Around Osceola, the 3D printing company Photon-X plans to bring 110 new jobs to Osceola County in the next two years as they move their company headquarters from Alabama to the region. They plan to partner with both the tourism and medical research fields that flourish in the nearby areas, promoting further expansion of their services.