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Best Career Choice 2013: ACCOUNTING!!

Accountants are always in demand.  Every company in every industry of every size needs an expert to manage the money.  The accounting profession ranked at the top of the charts as the best career choice for 2013. Most accountants work…

Krissy Whitaker and TRG Announce a New Successful Search

(Charlottesville, VA) January 22 – Krissy Whitaker and the Accounting & Finance Search Division are pleased to announce the successful conclusion of our recent search for an Operations Site Controller. This search was conducted for our client, a global leader in extruded plastics product manufacturing.…

As Job Market Improves, Candidates Take Notice

In the depths of the recession, as unemployment rates were rising and everyone knew someone who was being affected, ???It???s better than no job at all??? became a common refrain across the factory floors and offices of America. While it was a poor retention strategy, it was a worse recruiting strategy and now, with the economy on the mend, candidates are no longer falling for it.