Reshoring Topic Impacts Staffing

The featured article discusses the trend of the “candidate driven market” which we have explored several times in the past 18 months. The Richmond Group USA has been in practice long enough to see this event occur several times over 45 years. We consistently advise our clients to expedite the interview process, minimize delays and distractions and be committed to making a hiring decision.  There will always be some fear of making the wrong hire.  Unfortunately there are also some who think that top talent is just around the corner.   

Keep in mind that the new manufacturing buzzword is “reshoring” or bringing manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.  There are many advantages to this concept; offset rising international wages and regulations, oceanic transportation costs and risks, and more.  This does not mean an increase in labor jobs, manufacturing activity is at a four year low. “Reshoring” will heighten the urgency in the race for talent. Companies will require more skilled trade and degreed engineering labor as large manufacturers diversify their portfolios.  For smaller firms cash is king, so hiring and capital project may be put on hold. These measures will require thoughtful planning and strategic human resource initiatives that can identify the right people when the need is urgent.  
Zach Price
Director, Chemical Technologies Division