Qualified Candidates Are Harder to Come By

For many hiring authorities in banking, the second quarter saw a major pickup in the number of interested candidates applying to open positions.  That is a great trend to see from a 10,000 foot view.  As we get closer to the ground, however, many of these candidates are not at all qualified for the opportunities for which they have applied.  But why is this?

As TRG’s research suggests, this is the trend of every second quarter in banking.  Many candidates have gotten their bonus and are actively thinking about where the grass might be greener.  For many, this is a yearly or bi-yearly thought process.  For a banker at the top of their game, however, this is almost never the case unless they’re feeling extreme pain in their current position.  What we are left with is a major disconnect between a search for a top-notch lender and the majority of candidates applying.  For any manager urgently looking to fill a position while actively producing, this challenge can be daunting in this environment.

An important tool for any hiring authority in this environment is a team dedicated to seeking out the top-notch bankers that are so focused on their work that they don’t have time to consider a change unless it is presented to them directly.  When only one out of every twenty conversations is with a truly qualified lender, a dedicated search team is the only way to efficiently find a top candidate.

We are gearing up to have a banner second quarter here at TRG, and we look forward to helping make this a banner second quarter for your team, too.

Jon Burkhart

Regional President, Banking Division