More solar energy jobs created in Texas

In Texas, several solar energy firms are adding positions to boost their operations in 2013. According to KXAN-TV, the number of companies that specialize in solar energy has doubled over the past eight years, and job growth among these firms is expected to continue.

“We believe in what we’re doing but we also see the signs that there is exponential growth,” Stan Pipkin, a representative with Texas solar energy company Lighthouse Solar, told the news source.

Meanwhile, the City Council in Austin, Texas, is promoting the benefits of solar energy through its solar power committee. The news source notes that the group focuses??on the development of solar commercial buildings and offers financial incentives to business operators who invest in the new technology. Austin Energy also provided??rebates to local residents who purchased solar energy panels last year.

If more groups like Austin’s solar power committee continue to form, new solar energy companies could develop. These firms may look for energy professionals to join their teams and could increase their hiring. Additionally, solar energy could become a popular choice for commercial and residential building owners as more people evaluate the benefits of eco-friendly energy options.