Michigan’s employment situation improves

Detroit, Michigan

The labor situation in Michigan has been steadily improving, as evidenced by the state’s falling unemployment rate. According to The Associated Press, the state’s August jobless average hit 5.1 percent, the lowest rate Michigan has experienced in 14 years. The number of new jobs rose by 8,000 as the net number of people actively seeking work fell by 7,000.

The Detroit Free Press reported that the sector that experienced the most gains was the trade, transportation and utilities field, which added 5,000 new jobs. Financial activities, government and other services each added about 2,000 positions. The largest amount of losses were sustained in the construction industry, which saw its workforce shrink by 5,000 jobs between July and August.

The source noted that over the past year the fastest-growing Michigan industries have generally been professional and business services and education and health services. Within the past 12 months these fields have created 26,000 and 17,000 jobs, respectively. Manufacturing continues to be a prominent industry for Michigan, but it has now been eclipsed by these growing sectors as the state’s largest employer. The Detroit Free Press noted that this represents a regional shift toward “knowledge jobs of the future” and away from traditionally blue collar industries.