Interviewing, the choice is yours?

The pre-interview statement, that we often hear when preparing a candidate for an interview is.. “I will be interviewing them, as much as they are interviewing me” No, no, and no. We call this the “kiss of death”. This philosophy is poor for even the most sought after and highly skilled candidate.  Why?  Because if the company does not want to move forward in the process with you, then what YOU think of THEM is irrelevant.  Instead, all candidates from senior management to entry level should adopt the attitude of engaging in a genuine business conversation to understand the opportunity.  For example, “What are we looking to accomplish with this role? How do you see me achieving the goals we discussed? (Always use more positive language versus asking, “What is it that you are looking for me to do?”)  Ultimately, if the meeting is positive for the professionals on either side of the desk, then there is a decision to be made regarding the future.

If no offer is extended, then the candidate has no decision to make. Of course, making a change is scary and it is imperative that both parties execute the proper due diligence before moving forward with any decision; however, the difference is where and how you spend that energy.  We know that navigating these murky waters solo can always improve with the help of a professional recruiter.  We can reassure you that you are “not in this alone”.  Accounting professionals are in demand and the market is ripe for opportunity to advance and grow with the right organization.