He Who Hesitates is Lost

He Who Hesitates is Lost is a famous axiom that could not better describe the current state of recruiting in the life sciences. Just today the federal Department of Labor Statistics reported that the overall unemployment rate dropped to 5.8% with the addition of 214,000 jobs to the US economy. As we all know, if we are approaching full employment <x{(}>(overall unemployment of 5.0% or less by definition) then the unemployment rate in the life sciences which mostly employs degreed professionals is far less than that, contributing to a tight labor pool. Anecdotal evidence bears out this fact:  at TRG Life Sciences we are seeing candidates have multiple opportunities to consider simultaneously, making candidates both harder to recruit and harder to have candidates accept the offers of our clients.

One way to deal with an ever tightening marketplace is to have an efficient hiring process. Too often, companies in the life sciences have laborious interview processes with multiple rounds of interviewing with several people including executive management. The longer a process lasts, the more risk exists that a candidate will either will lose interest or be lost to a competitor.

To mitigate this risk, let us at TRG Life Sciences work with you to co-create an efficient hiring process that will allow you to be expedient without sacrificing overall quality or thoroughness in the proper vetting of your future employees.  Doing so will allow you to attain the talent you need to remain competitive in this ever-changing marketplace rather than to wait and allow the chance of top talent slipping through your fingers.