Green Beans and Checking Accounts

I had a very insightful conversation earlier this week with a national retail banking manager in the Midwest who managed grocery stores in a previous career. His approach to how he trains his lending team is simple and intelligent:

“Every grocery store carries basic Del Monte green beans,” he began, “just as every bank offers basic checking accounts.  It’s the relationship you build with the customer in that first interaction that allows you to sell them on everything else you have to offer.”

While it may seem overly simplistic, it is a winning business strategy that he instills in each member of his banking team.

This philosophy is also key when adding team members to any banking team.  Can the candidate cultivate lasting relationships?  Are their relationships deep enough that they can comfortably segue into other ancillary products and services?

We look forward to reviewing these ideas with you as we approach 2016 to create a winning strategy for your team and your bank.