First Friday Preview from Zach Price

The chances are you are looking for a new career opportunity even if you are happy with your current role. If you are not looking then the probability just increased that the person in the office next to you is looking.

Recently published figures claim 82% of employees are open to a new opportunity, while 45% are going to change jobs. Factors such as the work-life balance, location and health benefits are very important yet money is still the most influential factor. However, some employers still have their offers rejected for failing to offer competitive or better compensation to their top candidates. Today’s candidate has unprecidented access and leverage. Anyone with a smart phone or tablet has 24/7 mobile access to the job market, social media and competitive opportunities.

Technology has opened the floodgates for applications, which may translate to a longer job search and frustrating and long online applications for job seekers. It is unlikely that merely meeting the job requirements will lead to an interview. Employers are faced with screening lots of applicants which may be cumbersome and time consuming.