Craft beer industry continues to create jobs

Craft BeerThe U.S. craft beer industry experienced notable growth in the first half of 2015. According to CNBC, production volume in the sector expanded by 16 percent more between January and July of this year than it did during the same period in 2014. Overall, 10.6 million barrels were sold in the first half of last year, while over 12.2 million barrels have been sold this year.

The craft beer sector is doing more than simply providing people with cold, tasty spirits, however. The product’s widespread popularity has been massively influential in adding jobs to the U.S. economy, revealed statistics from the Brewer’s Association.

The nonprofit industry organization reported that as of June 30, 2015, there are 3,739 operating breweries in the country. This number, which is up nearly 700 from the same time last year, is expected to grow rapidly over the next few months. In fact, another 1,755 breweries are already planned to open across the U.S. in the near future.

Currently, the craft brewing field employs over 115,000 people, and these planned expansions will create even more American jobs. Within the industry, there is a mix of full- and part-time positions, many of which are in the manufacturing realm, explained the Brewer’s Association.