Bruce Peacock & TRG Manufacturing Complete Successful Engineer Search

RICHMOND, October 12 -Bruce Peacock & The Manufacturing Search Team of The Richmond Group USA (TRG) are pleased to announce the successful conclusion of a Mechanical Engineer search for a high-speed packaging machinery manufacturer.

This highly-visible senior engineering position was created to play a very responsible role on an R&D team that is designing their next generation machinery. This company produces extremely high-speed equipment, which requires someone with significant knowledge of mechanical linkages, structures, transmissions, actuators, tools and/or devices for use in automatic machines. Due to the highly technical skills and specific qualifications this role will require, a comprehensive national search was conducted to uncover and attract a pool of qualified candidates.

The new Mechanical Engineer is well suited to the team and company. Adding this resource to their team will allow our client to take their vision to the next level.

As your business continues to grow, so does your need for talented individuals. What are you doing today to secure the future talent needs?

Should you desire additional information about this successful search or about our firm please contact Bruce Peacock & TRG Manufacturing division at 804-285-2071 or email Bruce at