Whiskey maker to set up shop in Alabama

In Alabama, those looking for jobs may have better luck thanks to a recent announcement from one of the most prominent hard alcohol manufacturers in the country.

WAFF-TV reports that a new Jack Daniel's plant will be built at Mallard Fox Industrial Park, and could bring with it as many as 200 new jobs to the region. The positions will pay $16 an hour, and the hiring process will begin in 2012. Community leaders said that the available jobs would be labor intensive.

"For the most part, it will be touch labor type jobs. There will be special training that will be offered by the state of Alabama with the AIDT, Alabama Industrial Development Training. I think that anyone who's willing to come in and concentrate and be willing to be trained can certainly be qualified for it," said Tony Stockton, executive director of the Lawrence County Industrial Development Board, in an interview with the news station.

According to one recent study, the food and beverage industry has more money to invest in operations, that could include adding more staff. KPMG's 2012 Food & Beverage Industry Outlook Survey found that 68 percent of industry executives stated that they had "significant cash on the balance sheet."