Trends to watch out for in the hospitality industry

The hospitality and leisure industry has gone through significant changes in the past several months. Total employment numbers have risen, but workers have adapted their performances to the rising trends affecting their daily operations, including adopting new devices and embracing changes in consumer behavior. Specific sectors, including tourism, restaurants, retail and transportation have seen an increase in interest among job seekers recently, with a wealth of companies posting openings to accommodate for new buildings across the U.S.

As more workers look to join this field, there are several trends they must be aware of before moving forward. Hospitality Net highlighted just a few that were likely to affect the future of the hospitality industry.

Technological advances
Mobile and digital devices have had a significant impact on the way employees interact with people and professions. Not only has technology streamlined processes in the workplace, but it has made communicating with consumers much easier, as well. According to the source, more companies in the hospitality sector will be embracing social media as the year progresses. The majority of companies have already adopted sites in their daily operations, but as more networks become available, businesses are looking for ways to increase their interactions. For example, sites like Facebook and Twitter are popular among corporations, but smaller profiles – such as Snapchat, Vine and Instagram – have been embraced by a rising number of companies.

Aside from social media, businesses have looked at ways in which digital devices could revolutionize their operations. Hotels, for instance, have begun adopting smartphones into their strategies. Instead of dolling out physical keycards to visitors, some buildings have emailed digital codes that can be scanned to open their doors. Additionally, several restaurants have started using iPads to take orders and accept payment from customers. Individuals looking to join this industry should examine the specific tech advancements used in their field, then discover ways to take advantage of them.

Increased expectations for customer service
Hospitality Net reported that more consumers expect “wow” customer service, as opposed to basic or desired. Visitors want to be impressed by companies. The source noted that delivering service that goes above and beyond is the greatest way to ensure repeat business, especially in this industry. It added that employees should not only put consumer needs first, but they should find unique and innovative ways to better serve customers.