Spreading Around Some Holiday Cheer

As 2015 begins to draw to a close, the life science market continues to remain hot providing some holiday cheer as we enter the winter months. Just last week, the overall economy added 271,000 jobs — far surpassing economists’ most optimistic forecasts. The overall unemployment rate has dropped to 5.0% which is the textbook definition of full employment. Remember this overall figure includes degreed and non-degreed candidates, so overall employment in the life sciences must therefore be much less since most positions in the sector require a college degree. Furthermore, venture capital investment –the mother’s milk of the life science industry – surged to all time highs in Q3 of 2015 according to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers. What does all this mean? Despite the consistent chatter of mergers, acquisition and layoffs, with unemployment reaching lows not seen since before the Obama Administration and record levels of investment, jobs still abound and there are more jobs available now than candidates to fill them.

In this pernicious war for talent, public relations (or PR) is a great way to both attract and retain impact players as this article states. Let us at TRG Life Sciences help you remain on the cutting edge in this highly competitive marketplace.