‘Pink Tax’ on consumer products spurs backlash

Pink Tax on consumer products spurs backlashThere has been growing attention to securing equal pay for men and women, but all eyes are now on the “pink tax.”An investigation conducted by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs revealed that products targeted to female consumers cost an average 7 percent more than almost identical products designed for men, reported The Orange Country Register.

This “pink tax,” as the pricing difference was dubbed, is present across industries and product types, according to the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. The department compared almost 800 products with male and female versions from more than 90 brands sold online and in stores in the state, and found that women pay higher prices in 42 percent of cases, according to CNN Money. For instance, female razors are 11 percent more expensive than male razors, and hair care products cost an average of 48 percent more for women.

As a result of the findings, policymakers are supporting bills that would enforce fair pricing. In California, consumer and female advocacy groups have put forward Senate Bill 899, sponsored by the Consumer Federation of California, that would extend the current state law prohibiting gender-based pricing for services to also include products, reported The Orange Country Register.