Hospitality and tourism hiring to leap by thousands in Tennessee, Texas

As the economy improves, overall interest in hospitality and tourism is growing across the country. As a result, locations are stepping up hiring practices across the country, from a well-known tourist attraction in Tennessee to a brand-new establishment in Texas.

Dolly Parton’s famed Dollywood amusement park and attraction center in eastern Tennessee will soon make new capital investments to the tune of $300 million over the next decade, which will create new attractions, resorts and up to 2500 new jobs, according to NBC affiliate WBIR.

Mostly centered in the hospitality and construction industries, multiple new resorts to fit thousands of tourists are expected to trigger major job growth in the region in coming years.

Tennessee isn’t the only place seeing a new venue – Grand Texas, a large-scale amusement park, has been announced to be ready to open in 2015, creating about 2,200 seasonal, part-time and full-time jobs in the Houston area in the process, according to Impact News.

After the region’s amusement park Six Flags Astroworld was closed in 2005, the region has seen large demand for new tourism attractions. In addition, a secondary dinosaur-themed location nearby opening in the same time frame should bring even more jobs to the community.