German green sector expected to increase employment

In some parts of Europe, the renewable-energy sector is expected to to help create many jobs. Bloomberg reports that a recent study from Roland Berger Strategy Consultants showed that the clean technology would increase by 125 percent by the year 2025.

By that time, the green sector is expected to be worth some $862 billion, and Germany is expected to add one million new jobs as a result. According to German Environment Minister Peter Altmaier, the sector will continue to help the economy for years to come.

"Green technologies are growth technologies," Altmaier, according to the source. "We still have a leading position in clean technologies and we will do everything to defend that."

While some sectors in Europe are doing well, others have struggled to stay afloat and could cut staff levels in a major way. German consulting firm Roland Berger stated that up to 10 car factories in Western Europe could close in the years to come, resulting in 80,000 layoffs, the Economic Times reports.