How to Ensure Your Team Has a Banner 2015

The last month of the last quarter in 2014.  For some, that thought triggers major anxiety and the need to scramble to make their team productive.  For others, this is a time to focus on building a pipeline to make 2015 productive.  Which of these modes describes you?  Are you having to scramble to hit your goals or have you already hit your goals and given yourself enough time to build for next year?

The latter makes for a much less stressful holiday season, so how can you set yourself up to have a less stressful December next year?

The best way to ensure that your team has a banner 2015 is by hiring enough key people to pick up the slack for the whole team.  These key people need very little ramping up in order to hit the ground running in a new opportunity and, typically, have a network of names in your market that can be called on immediately.

Maybe you have one or two people like this on your team.  What’s preventing you from having an entire team like this?  Think about it — a team that works with you instead of for you.  They need less management to hit and exceed their goals.

This shouldn’t be considered a luxury to have a few high performers among mostly nominal workers.  The most successful teams we work with make it a point to have an entire team of successful and autonomous members, working towards the same goal.  Because of this one key difference, these teams meet their goals well before the end of the year.

So, what is your strategy to get your team in the best shape for 2015?  It may be a good idea to reflect on your current team.  Who are the star performers?  What makes them stand out?  What are they doing differently?

TRG Banking goes directly to your competition to bring you someone who is currently successful doing exactly what you need to have done.  Chances are, they are too busy to reach out to you directly, but are very willing to take a phone call from us.  So, as you look ahead, think about spending a few minutes talking with our team about how we can help you make 2015 a banner year.