Don’t Have Champagne Tastes with a Pepsi-Cola Pocketbook

As hiring continues to heat up in the life sciences, we have noticed an emerging trend as of late:  there is a price mismatch between the skill sets our clients are looking for and how much they are willing to pay. It seems that employers are still under the false perception <X{(}>(perhaps due to the stubbornly high overall employment rate) that candidates are plentiful and will accept whatever offer they are given. This assumption could not be further from the truth. The fact is that the unemployment rate for those over 25 and with a college degree <X{(}>(which covers most positions in the life sciences) is under 5% which constitutes what most economists call full employment. The job market has turned and the “A” players -those candidates that you want to join your team -know it. Let us work with you to successfully price positions to their fair market value or expand your requirements so that you can attain the talent that you both want and can afford.