Despite Merger Mania, Life Sciences Sector Continues to Show Strength

Just this morning, a Bureau of Labor Statistics report showed that the US economy added a robust 288,000 jobs and unemployment fell to 6.1%, the lowest it has been in the Obama presidency. Moreover, according to TRG’s own research, life science sector jobs have grown 7.4% in the past decade, far outpacing the private sector average of just 1.0% (see: This data only confirms and provides a rationale for what we are seeing in the marketplace: that we are now living in a candidate driven world.

What if you can’t hire someone on a permanent basis because of a pending merger or acquisition which seems all the rage these days? In such situations, a lot of our clients are turning to our contract services division, People Solutions, to continue to fill in gaps within their organization or for a particular project of limited duration while the M&A activity continues to work itself out. Let us at TRG LifeSciences be that full service resource to turn to get those impact players whether it be permanent or contract basis to remain competitive in the ever-changing life science marketplace.