Are You the Best, Above the Rest?

As predicted, we are officially seeing the impact of hiring challenges in this very competitive hiring climate.  Especially, in the accounting and finance world, the current demand for top talent far exceeds the supply of qualified applicants available. Hiring authorities must adapt to the times in several different ways to identify, attract and hire the very best performers for their organizations.  How is this task accomplished?  Companies must ramp up efforts to increase visibility and sell their opportunity!

When partnering with a company to hire the right person, recruiters often ask the question, “Why would a person quit their job and leave their company to accept your opportunity?” Now, that question goes even deeper because candidates have more options. “And, what makes your opportunity better than what the three other companies are offering this same professional?”

In order to improve success and tackle these challenges, companies must have a succinct and efficient hiring process.  Candidates lose faith in the pursuant company when the process to meet and hire an individual is dragged out over a long period of time.  The longer the process, the more risk an organization assumes to lose this sought after performer to a competitor.

Obviously, the most critical maneuver an organization must do is SELL the company, the opportunity and what makes it better than anyone else.  Use social media, be visible and make the application process easier for professionals. Why would a passive candidate want to complete a 15 page application, when they don’t need to?